Advantages of Hard Liquid Capsules vs. Soft-gels, Capsules and Tablets.

  • Differentiated and highly perceived value by consumers.
  • Proprietary body and cap banding sealing process forms a leak-proof capsule.
  • Available in Vegan, Fish and Bovine gelatin capsules.
  • Band provides “tamper evidence” which cannot be opened without visible damage.
  • High protection of moisture or oxygen-sensitive actives.
  • Hard Liquid Capsule formulas are designed for rapid release.
  • Hard Liquid Capsules are a more practical and affordable solution than soft-gels.
  • Liquid-filled hard capsules have a shorter manufacturing time.
  • There are better branding options with Hard Liquid Capsules, with a number of customizations including logo, size, and color.
  • Moisture-sensitive materials – HPMC Hard Liquid Capsules have much lower water content than gelatin, are ideal for fills that have a high hygroscopicity.
  • Oxidation-sensitive materials – Softgels are made with plasticizers, which create channels that make them more susceptible to moisture transmission that can oxidize active ingredients compared to Hard Liquid Capsules.
  • High melting point ingredients – While fills that melt at above 35° C are not candidates for softgels, our Hard Liquid Liquid capsules can be filled at up to 80° C.
  • Fiberous and large particle ingredients formulations can cause soft-gels to leak but do not pose any problems for Hard Liquid Capsules.
  • Reduce Bad Odor Ingredients – Because they have smaller channels than softgels, 2-piece hard capsules better mask unpleasant tastes and odors.

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