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We can take a customer’s concept and deliver a product ready for sale. We are always willing to establish a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with our customers. If a customer comes to us with a custom hard liquid capsule, we create a turnkey product for them that is manufactured exclusively for them. We will not produce it for anyone else.

There are also many factors involved, including the following:

  • Equipment quality. Quality machinery = quality product. Select a manufacturer that uses proven, reputable equipment.
  • Drying process. The drying process is based on the type of NutraSeal capsule. Oil-based capsules should use an in-line drying system. If the capsules are not oil-based, you’ll want to use a standard tumbler dryer and drying tunnel system.
  • Experience. Employees should have the skills and knowledge to operate the equipment. This often requires rigorous training to easily handle bulk products—particularly NutraSeal.
  • Ideal formulation. NutraSeal are hard to make due to the ingredients involved. The inside is liquid, while the shell is comprised of gelatin. The right amount of moisture is required for the gelatin to prevent it from becoming brittle or sticky. Your manufacturer needs to find the perfect formulation.

NutraSeal can also be tailor-made to custom shapes. This customization can include different colors and sizes

How to Get Started With Your Custom Supplement

With our team of experts, we can easily walk you through the process of formulating your custom hard liquid capsule supplement, and creating the perfect product. We can discuss the different variables that people often overlook when venturing to manufacture a custom formula, including color, dosage, serving size, and desired packaging, to name a few.

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